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 You can run both your automated and manual Tellurium tests manually, personally marking each individual step in those tests as passed or failed.

When to use manual runs

In a manual run, you perform the steps in your test yourself, marking each step as passed or failed based on how your website or application performs. Use manual runs when you want to run a manual test that you've saved in Tellurium. You can also run your automated tests manually if you wish.

Executing a manual run

To start a manual run of tests, a queue, a tag, a group, or a playlist (all of which are discussed in detail here), choose the option related to manual runs in the "Actions" menu or gear menu for that test or set of tests.

Note that if you'd like to perform a manual run of one manual test, you should click the "Manual Run" button in that test's row in the "Tests" table, as the "Run Manually" option will not appear in the test's "Actions" menu.

You'll then a "Run Settings" window similar to the one you see when you kick off an advanced run. Set any details and options you like.

Click the "Start Manual Run" button to begin testing.

Open your website and go through the steps in your test, marking numbered steps in Tellurium as passed by clicking the check icon or as failed by clicking the X icon. As you pass and fail steps, your test's progress bar will update accordingly. If a step fails, you can add an optional failure note.

You can attach a JPEG or PNG screenshot (up to 1 MB in size) to a step in your test by clicking the paperclip icon. To remove a screenshot, hover over it and click the "X" that appears.

You can navigate away from a manual run that's in progress at any time before submitting its results, and that run will appear in your project's "Results" table with the status "Running." To return to that run later and cancel or complete it, click on its ID number in the "Results" table.

If your manual run includes multiple tests, you'll see "Cancel Test" and "Complete Test" buttons for each test, as well as "Cancel Manual Run" and "Complete Manual Run" buttons for the entire run. Click the "Complete Test" button for a test to save its results so they cannot be modified. Once you've finished running the tests in your manual run, click the green "Complete Manual Run" button in the bottom right corner of the page to finalize and submit your results. You cannot modify these results after they've been submitted. To cancel the entire run, click the "Cancel Manual Run" button.

The results of manual runs appear in your project's "Results" table just like the results of runs performed by Tellurium do. To view a manual run's results, just click its ID number.


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