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By creating customized roles for your users, you ensure that each person is able to access the right information and features in Tellurium.

Creating roles

This tutorial outlines the process for creating and managing roles for testing projects, but the process for creating roles for the organization administration project (which involves administrative tasks, not writing and running tests) is the same – you just perform it on the "Roles" page in the "Organization" section instead.

To create a role for your current testing project, go to the "Roles" page in the "Project" section.

Click the "Create a New Role" button to create a new role.

Give the new role a name and a description, then select the individual permissions that should be granted to users with this role. Permissions are grouped by function or feature; to view the permission options for a particular category, click the down arrow next to its name. Select permissions by checking the box next to each desired permission, then click the "Save" button to create the role.

The new role will appear on your project's "Roles" page.

Modifying roles

To modify a role, go to the "Roles" page and click the "Actions" button next to that role. Select the "Modify" option from the menu.

The role modification page looks and works exactly like the role creation page already described. Simply expand categories to view the permissions in each, select permissions using the checkboxes, then save your modifications when you're finished.

Note that modifying a role modifies that role for all users assigned to it.

Deleting roles

To delete a role, go to the "Roles" page and click the gear in that role's box. Select the "Delete" option from the menu, which will open a warning dialog box.

Note that if there are users assigned to the role you want to delete, you will need to reassign those users to different roles as described here. Click the "Delete" button to finish deleting the role from your project. 

Other role actions

You can also view the permissions of any role and duplicate a role on the "Roles" page.

  • To view a role's included permissions, click on the role's name.
  • To duplicate a role, click the "Actions" button next to that role and choose the "Duplicate" option from the menu. Note that duplicating a role duplicates its permissions but does not assign users to the duplicate role.


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