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  1. Sign in to

  2. Select a county using the Select a County menu on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page.

  3. Click My Portfolio. Please note: If you have not already added at least one bidder to your LienHub account for this county and set the bidder to bidder to view in your portfolio, you will be prompted to do so first. You can only see certificate and redemption data for the bidders you have in your portfolio.

  4. Click My TDA Eligible Certificates.

    Image of Eligible Certs

  5. Locate the certificate on which you would like to apply for tax deed.

    1. You can search for a certificate using the box on the upper, right-hand part of the page.

    2. You can filter the list to display only certificates meeting certain criteria using the Filters tool on the left-hand side of the page.

    3. You can also download a spreadsheet listing all certificates displayed using the button on the lower, right-hand part of the page.

  6. To view or print an estimate of the cost to apply for tax deed on a certificate, click View Estimate on the right-hand side of the page.

  7. Once you have identified a certificate on which you would like to apply for tax deed, you should add it to your cart using the Add to Cart link. When an item or items are in your cart, a hammer icon will appear on the upper, right-hand part of the page.

  8. When a certificate is added to the cart, an additional check is done to make sure that it is still eligible for deed application. There are several reasons why the certificate may no longer be eligible. From the shopping cart, you can click View Details to see updated Certificate Information including Certificate Status and Blocking Reasons. Some common reasons a certificate becomes ineligible for deed application are:

    1. The certificate was recently redeemed. If this happened, when you view the certificate details, the status will say "Redeemed on mm/dd/yyyy". Once a certificate is redeemed, it is no longer eligible for tax deed application. When you return to your list of certificates, this one will be removed from your list.

    2. A blocking flag was recently added to the account by the county. If this happened, when you view the certificate details you will see a Blocking Reason like "Deed application blocked by flag: Bankrupt". To find out more about why the Tax Deed Application is being blocked for the certificate, contact the county.

    3. If the legal descriptions are not identical, the certificate will be blocked from proceeding further with the deed application until the mismatch is reviewed and approved by the county. In the shopping cart you will see "This certificate has been blocked due to legal description mismatch. A request has been sent to the county to review this parcel's legal description. You will be informed when the mismatch has been resolved." If you view the Details for the certificate with the mismatch you will see a "blocking reason" of "Deed application blocked by flag: Legal Description Mismatch".

        1. Once the county resolves the legal description mismatch(es) for the parcel, you will receive an email from DeedExpress letting you know the legal mismatch problem has been resolved. You will then be able to proceed with the deed application.

        2. Most counties will complete their review within one business day. If it takes longer or the legal description mismatch is not approved you will need to contact the county.

    Image of Deeds Added to Cart

  9. Once you are ready to apply for tax deed on the certificates added to your cart, click the hammer icon (TDAs) on the upper, right-hand part of the page.

  10. After you review and confirm the items, click Proceed to Check Out.

    Image of View Deed Cart

  11. You will receive a page confirming the certificates you are surrendering as part of your tax deed application. Once you have reviewed and confirmed, click Confirm Surrendered Certs.

    Image of Deeds to Surrender

  12. Enter your User ID and password and click Sign Electronically in order to submit the DR-512 using an electronic signature.

    Image of Sign DR-512

  13. Submit payment for your tax deed application(s). Depending on the county, you may pay via ACH (electronic check) or by submitting funds directly to the county Tax Collector's office (offline payment). Some counties allow just one of these options and others allow both.

  14. To pay by ACH, choose a stored account or enter the required information for the bank account from which you want to make payment for your tax deed application(s) and click Submit Payment.

  15. When using offline payments, counties typically accept wire transfers, and some accept secure funds via postal mail. Once the county receives and records your offline payment, you will receive an email from DeedExpress letting you know the funds are available; you can then return to DeedExpress to continue with your Tax Deed Application. If you pay using offline funds please remember that the cost of a Tax Deed Application will change on the first day of every month as interest is added.

    Image of Pay Offline

  16. Click the Complete Payment Offline link. On the Submit Payment Offline popup click the check box and then click 'OK'.  This will notify the county of the funds you intend to send and display a link to the county's offline payment submission instructions.

    Image of Complete Payment Offline

  17. Offline Payment Instructions can be accessed from the link on the Submit Payment Offline popup shown above, or by selecting the appropriate county from the county dropdown and clicking the Support link on the sidebar. The county support page includes contact information and will provide a link to the instructions for how to submit payments in counties that accept offline payments.
  18. Once your payment is successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation page with further instructions concerning your tax deed application(s).

Please note: ACH payments cannot be confirmed immediately. Your financial institution could return your payment for reasons including insufficient funds or use of incorrect account information. Your tax deed application payment will be marked as pending for at least 6 business days following submission. If your payment is returned for any reason, the application will be canceled and the surrendered certificate(s) will return to an "issued' status.

Image of Payment CompleteImage Modified

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