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  1. Sign in to

    1. Note: You do not have to register/sign in to just view available certificates; however, you may not see the most updated list of certificates if you are not signed in.
  2. Select a county using the Select a County menu on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page.

  3. Click Purchase County-Held Tax Liens.

  4. You will arrive at the View/Purchase Certificates page. On this page you can filter the list of available certificates using the options on the “Filters” panel. You can sort the list of certificates using any of the column headers in the certificates table. To see certificate details, click on the Certificate Number.

    Image of Purchase Certificates

    Please note: You must have a registered bidder number associated with your account and have that bidder designated for purchasing county-held certificate before clicking the Add to Cart link. See the user guide section titled Edit LienHub Preferences for your bidders for more information.

  5. Once you locate a certificate you would like to purchase, click Add to Cart on the right-hand side of the certificates table.

  6. To proceed to check out, click the shopping cart icon on the upper, right-hand part of the page.

    Image of Certificates Added to Cart

  7. Review the certificates in your cart and then click Proceed to Check Out.

    Image of View Certificate Cart

  8. If you are not logged in or have not yet designated a bidder for county-held certificate purchases, you will not be able to add any certificates to your cart. You must designate your bidder on the Manage Bidders page first.

    Image of Certificate Cart Error

  9. If the tax collector requires the submission of ACH Info before buyers are allowed to complete purchase, you will be prompted to submit this information. The tax collector will electronically remit redemption payments to this bank account.

  10. After submitting this information, you can edit as necessary by clicking Manage Bidders in the left-hand navigation panel. 

  11. After clicking Proceed to Check Out you will be prompted to submit enter your payment information or choose a stored bank account to use for payment. This bank account will be electronically debited for your purchase. Once you have completed the required fields, click Continue Submit Payment.

    Image AddedImage of Cert Purchase PaymentImage Removed

  12. Next you will be prompted to confirm your payment information and the certificates you are purchasing. If this information is correct, click Submit Payment.

     Image of Cert Purchase ConfirmImage RemovedImage Added

  13. Once your payment is processed successfully, you will receive a confirmation in LienHub.

    Please note: All payments for county-held certificate purchase in LienHub are processed by ACH. ACH payments cannot be confirmed immediately. Your financial institution could return your payment for reasons including insufficient funds or use of incorrect account information. Your certificate purchase will be marked as pending for at least 5 6 business days following submission. If your payment is returned for any reason, the pending purchase will be canceled and the certificate(s) made available for sale again.