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  1. Sign in to

  2. Select a county using the Select a County menu on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page.

  3. Click My Portfolio. Please note: If you have not already added at least one bidder under My Portfolio, you will be prompted to do so first. You can only see certificate and redemption data for the bidders you add to your Portfolio. Once you have added a bidder under the My Portfolio module, you will be able to see the My Portfolio page.

  4. Click My Certificates.

  5. The My Certificates page defaults to display all certificates that have been purchased by the bidders in your portfolio. To see only issued certificates, click the check box next to Issued under the Status filter.

  6. If the county allows online transfers, you will see a Transfer link in the last column of the table.
  7. Click the Transfer link next to the certificate(s) you want to transfer to add them to your Transfers shopping cart.

  8. Not all certificates may be eligible for transfer. If a certificate is ineligible you will see a notification when you click the Transfer link and the certificate will not be added to your cart.

  9. If you have questions about the eligibility of an individual certificate, please contact the county tax collector's office for more details.

    Image of Issued Certificates
  10. When you have added all of your certificates to be transferred, click the Transfers cart icon to confirm and complete the transfers.

    Image of Transfer Certificates

  11.  View and verify the certificates to be transferred and click Next to select the bidder the certs will be transferred to.

    Image of View Transfer Cart
  12. You can transfer to one of your own bidders by selecting from the drop down or another bidder by entering their bidder number.
  13. The bidder you select must be registered to a LienHub user and have provided all information required by the county you are transferring certificates in. If they have not, you may see one of the following messages:
    1. "Bidder number 123456 is not registered with LienHub."

    2. "Bidder number 123456 must have an ACH redemption account."

    3. This information must be complete before you can continue.
  14. If the receiving bidder has all necessary information, LienHub will display the name of the bidder you have selected. Confirm the bidder your are transferring by clicking Next.

    Image of Transfer Recipient

    Image of Transfer to Another Bidder

  15. Electronically sign the Transfer Endorsement form by entering your user name and password.
    1. This electronic form will take the place of the form normally submitted to the county and all parties will receive an electronic version of the form via email.

      Image of Sign Transfer

  16. Click Next to continue to the payments page where you can choose a stored bank account or enter new ACH information to pay the required transfer fees.
    1. Payments for transfer fees must be done separately from payments for Tax Deed Applications.

  17. You will see a confirmation screen when the transfer is complete.

    Image of Transfer Complete
  18. Both the user who transferred the certificate and the bidder to whom the certificate was transferred will receive an email verifying the certificate transfer, which will include a copy of the Tax Certificate Transfer Endorsement form.
  19. If set as a My Portfolio bidder, the receiving bidder will also receive a notification in My Portfolio that the certificate was added, and the transferred certificate will display in their portfolio.Note: Depending on the county, the

Please note: ACH payments cannot be confirmed immediately. Your financial institution could return your payment for reasons including insufficient funds or use of incorrect account information. Your certificate transfer fee payment will be marked as pending for at least 6 business days following submission. If your payment is returned for any reason, the transaction will be canceled and ownership of the transferred certificate(s) will revert to the original owner.

The new owner of the transferred certificate(s) may be blocked from starting a new Tax Deed Application


until the 6 business days


have passed and the transfer fee payment is marked as valid.

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