LienHub is a web portal that gives tax certificate buyers a single location to conduct their business with the Florida tax collectors who offer LienHub.

From users can:

  • View a list of participating tax collectors and navigate between counties

  • View services available in each county

  • Create new tax certificate bidders

  • Edit information for existing bidders

  • Manage bidder contact information

  • Manage the bank account information used by tax collectors to transmit redemption payments (for tax collectors who issue redemption payments by ACH)

  • View their tax certificates

  • View their redemption payment details

  • Purchase county-held certificates

  • Apply for tax deeds on eligible certificates

  • Participate in the tax collector’s annual tax certificate auction

  • Transfer their certificates to other bidders (for participating tax collectors)
  • Download 1099-INT forms (for participating tax collectors)

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